BRISTOL BOROUGH >> Now this is the perfect time to construct a new market opportunity.

Or you CAN strategically and proactively pivot an established one, instead of scrambling reactively and frantically just for survival. The COVID -19 crisis breeds both innovation and opportunity along with unprecedented changes to get America back on its feet.

Lauren Margaret Dowd Ivanchenko, MBA and her LDI Business Consultant entrepreneurship can help map a soon to be very successful business model.

Lauren is quite adequately prepared to assist navigation into a future that is likely to demand novel solutions for some time to come. There is an increase in entrepreneurial activity and sustainable businesses can and will continue profitably on past this immediate crisis.

Some business ventures are exciting jump starts devising new ideas to respond to existing or emerging needs. Some are re-creations, building on proven existing trends that have been amplified and accelerated by the pandemic, repurposing and redirecting existing knowledge, skills, people and networks to new needs that have emerged.

A rapid shift to remote work has created even more new challenges.

Sometimes Lauren’s expert focus may be just helping a business to survive the pandemic and potentially thrive once the recovery comes.

Plan for the long term! Agility is crucial.

As a business consultant, Lauren asks very real, very fundamental kinds of questions. She addresses how to help companies with reevaluating budgets and [profit and loss] balance sheets, and how to look out for the customer as well as looking out for the employees.

It’s all very real, very intense, and actually quite human.

The picture of how entrepreneurs and their systems have been affected is more nuanced than we might, at first, believe but the onset and spread of COVID-19 have left few people, if any, unaffected.

Skittishness is back and challenges continue to mount, but fortunately there is no shortage of innovative entrepreneurs who have the courage to step up and create amazing, novel solutions to the problems caused by the scary and disruptive coronavirus pandemic. Small businesses’ resilience and perseverance is proving crucial with their more incremental approaches to innovation.

Lauren and her husband, John Ivanchenko and their daughter Liana Katherine, currently a BCCC student interested in Criminal Justice reside in Bristol Borough.

Lauren Margaret, who is named for both of her grandmothers, grew up on the 17 ½ acre family farm in Monmouth County. Her late father, Bernard Peter Dowd, Sr. was a thorough bred horse trainer and breeder and a Golden Gloves boxer champion for his weight class. Her mother, Virginia Mae [Morsel] was an incredible decorator and the first person in her family to graduate from college, an economics major at Farleigh Dickinson in North Jersey who became a school teacher.

The Dowd family raised steer, chicken and pigs on their farm that was once dubbed 4D Acres and then Glen Beigh Farm before her parents named it Maple Crest.

Lauren is the eldest of the five siblings. Bernard Peter, Jr. is an Equine veterinarian, a licensed animal health professional qualified to diagnose and treat horses involved in competition and production. Lizzie is involved in publicity and marketing materials to effectively develop advertising and promotion for horse races. Dr. Jennifer is a podiatrist, and the youngest, John, is a horse racing advisor who once raced his horse in the Kentucky Derby.

Lauren graduated from Freehold Township High School and continued her education at Albright College, earning her B.S. in Psychobiology that included Ethology, the science of animal behavior, with Postgraduate work at Rutgers University. She also graduated with her MBA from Saint Joseph's University in their executive MBA program, gaining the skills needed to attain personal goals as well as the executive presence to help advance others to greater achievement.

Lauren made the decision to become a Pharmaceutical sales rep, quickly progressing to the position of a Medical Center Representative at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, the Hershey Medical Centre, and [CHOP] Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She chose this career after being influenced by the Drs. Jeff and Marsha Green who ran the Albright College department and a pharmacist friend, a fellow parishioner at her church.

She initially began working in Philadelphia as a field person in the rapidly advancing pharmaceutical industry, so she and her sister, Jennifer who was a Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine student shared an apartment in the Wanamaker House in Rittenhouse Square.

Their dad had suggested that since they were both in Philadelphia that they should live together.

This former very accomplished Glaxo Smith Kline, Inc. senior executive clinical specialist has been listed as a noteworthy pharmaceutical executive by Marquis Who's Who.

It was during this time that Lauren met up with her future husband, a Delhaas graduate who was successfully creating ceramic wares. John Ivanchenko was busy both making art and working with his late oldest brother, Victor in his aluminum siding business.

He continued his craft and worked under the Philadelphia born, WWII veteran Larry Day, *born Lorenzo del Giorno* [1921-1998], a distinguished Tyler School of Art grad painter and a most dominant force in American art, while he was attending the Philadelphia College of Art [PCA], now the University of the Arts [UArts], receiving his Bachelors in Drawing and Painting. He earned his MFA at the School of Visual Arts [SVA] in NYC.

John studied painting with oils and acrylics and he now works with sculpture, painting, and photography, producing beautiful photographs or photograms on paper or aluminum. He then paints around them, essentially creating a collage, while he works from his home in his studio located on their 3rd floor. He has been a working Mixed Media Artist for 40 years.

Lauren and John both had very strong family connections and were hard workers. They both had religious upbringings where Sundays were set aside as family day. They had even suffered heartbreaking losses at the same time. Lauren’s father died in 1985 and John had lost his older brother Peter in 1985.

“We were fascinated by each others’ work worlds because they were so different,” commented Lauren.

They lived in Wrightstown first for a short time before moving to John’s family’s home on Dixon Avenue in West Bristol after his mother passed away. John’s late parents Lydia [Novitsky] and Fyodor Ivanchenko immigrated to the USA in 1950, funded by the Quakers; his mother was from Belarus and his father from the Ukraine. John spoke Russian at home.

John was only 12 when his father died. His mother taught him to cook.

“He’s the main cook,” Lauren confirmed. “His sautéed vegetables and chicken are delicious!”

Dessert is sometimes a family made creation- strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream.

Lauren had always liked Bristol Borough, so the available Radcliffe Street home beckoned them.

She thoroughly enjoyed the plays at the Bristol Riverside Theatre, so close proximity to the BRT was one of the highpoints of moving to the Borough. “We especially enjoy the Christmas Musicals!”

She remained a working mom for 5 years before retiring from the pharmaceutical world in 2008 while continuing to assist her husband when needed. John is a beloved adjunct faculty member in the Art, Photography and Drawing Departments at Bucks and Montgomery County Community Colleges.

Lauren appreciated her retirement, albeit very short lived. The former St. Mark School Principal, Mrs. Angelina Theresa Clair asked her to be the President of the St. Mark School Marketing Committee.

The goal was to increase enrollment by at least 5%.

“We increased it by 10%. There were excellent parents on the team!”

Lauren also served as a volunteer on the faith based AHTN Board of Directors until 2 years ago. “Advocates for Homeless & Those in Need” is a Bucks County interfaith nonprofit organization located in Fairless Hills.

Owning a business had been her plan that had been shelved on the back burner for some time.

Lauren had come from a family of entrepreneurs and she was quite good at selling and constructing strategic plans. She had originally wanted to start as a head hunter for Big Pharma, the nickname given to the world's pharmaceutical industry.

She made the decision to proceed, starting out helping friends with their businesses. “People said I should do this for a living,” shared Lauren.

She began attending leadership luncheons and she was pleased to meet a local entrepreneur, Susan Marie Corleto, the former proprietor of “Sweet Mustard Seed” that was located on Mill Street.

“I had the great privilege of meeting and getting to know Lauren Ivanchenko in Bristol Borough. She is a wonderfully talented, professional, benevolent woman. We spent multiple lunches together at the Christian Leadership Alliance, hosted at Cairn University. If you have the chance to work with Lauren you will be blessed for the opportunity,” confirmed Sue Corleto, Operations Manager, Credentia Services.

Lauren is a solo entrepreneur. She will help jump start businesses, resurrect an existing business and lead owners in ways to circumvent issues.

“Their service and business should be valued. There ARE sales opportunities here,” confirmed the LDI Business Consultant. “I can help see things that maybe they didn’t see, freeing them up to focus on creativity.”

Lauren offers a free 30-minute consultation and she will also provide a 3-page online form to acquire background about each prospective client’s business.

Her inspirational format is energetic and collaborative, designed to stimulate critical thinking and engage dynamic discussion. Afterwards, there will be a Zoom/ Video Conference where a market analysis can be discussed; giving a lay of the land, explaining critical success factors like profit and loss, as well as covering both opportunities and potential threats.

She is currently writing a sales training manual.

What would make you feel successful? Do you even have a plan?

Lauren can help provide a navigable roadmap from where each is now to establish the direction of your business. She will also include the how, exactly what each would need to attain his/her perceived success along with an invaluable plan to improve efficiency.

Lauren believes in commitment, integrity, and professionalism and in partnerships that promote these values.

“Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” - Edmund S. Lee, author, entrepreneur, social media strategist

Everyone needs a driver- someone to help work through the strategic plan, while YOU are staying productive and engaged. So, what needs to happen? Call TODAY for a FREE 30-Minute Consultation!

Lauren Dowd Ivanchenko, LDI Business Consultant

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