BRISTOL BOROUGH >> Art is often considered a luxury. It is NOT. It is a magical place and oftentimes a conversation piece.

eARTh ... without ART ... would just be eh!

Art can boost the spirit and build a sense of community by incorporating great memories and pride while showing off the best things with high-impact logos, mascot graphics, and panoramic photo collages.

Make the most of your message and maximize your wow-factor with a memorable and motivational mural. Jean-Marc Dubus is uniquely qualified to artistically and professionally provide help to anyone to convey unique one-of-a-kind messaging.

He has emerged as one of the most recognized and prolific artists in Historic Bristol Borough and Lower Bucks County.

Jean-Marc Dubus was born in Valenciennes France, a town of the French Hainaut noted for culture and creativity on the Escaut [Scheldt ] River, lying just next to the Belgian border.

For hundreds of years this relatively small place churned out painters, sculptors and architects who helped shape French culture forever.

Jean-Marc studied Art at the Beaux-Arts in Valenciennes before obtaining his MFA in Studio Art from the renowned The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Nice, France that was founded in 1766.

Neither of his late parents was an artist.

His father Alexandre worked as a health care administrator, and his mother Irene was a stay-at-home mom to him and his older sister, Nicole Vaillant Dubus who still lives in France.

Sports were never a DRAW for Jean- Marc as a youth, except perhaps for a little tennis. He just always had an inclination toward drawing and he clearly remembers appreciating looking at paintings and colors. “I like all colors, especially blue. Blue is my color,” he added.

He did enjoy riding his bike though, and he still does now, logging many miles on scenic trails.

In High School, he began pursuing the art of figure drawing and plaster statue drawing.

“I liked finding proportions, and values for shadows, and developing expressions,” he shared.

Jean-Marc moved to the USA in 1988. His wife, Mary Ann [Fennessy], was born in Bristol Township and it was she who introduced him to Bristol Borough.

When they drove about the Borough, he perceived it as a small community that works together.

He loved the town. So he moved his art studio to the Centre for the Arts [CFA] on Mill Street over five years ago. This local artist and his family reside in Langhorne, while he is a resident artist at the CFA.

The Dubus family boasts 2 sons and 2 daughters.

Vincent is a data analyst who graduated from Ursinus College with a math degree, furthering his education in statistics at Villanova University. Liam is a University of Pittsburgh senior enrolled in computer science and economics programs.

Alexa apparently follows in her dad’s artistic steps. She is a graphic artist, a prints and fabrics designer, who graduated with an MFA from SCAD: The University for Creative Careers and she resides in Seattle, WA. She and her father have worked on a few pieces in the Borough together.

Mallory is a marketing/ event planner with a degree in Chemistry.

Some of Jean-Marc’s works are displayed in the CFA on Mill Street where he maintains his studio.

He exhibits his paintings while he creates new pieces, including the very popular Bristol magnets.

His one painting is based on a piece from the Norman Rockwell collections. Jean-Marc was commissioned by a coalition of local business owners looking to promote their brand images: Trainpops Attic, LLC, Angelina’s Bake Shop, ITRI Wood Fired, Centre for the Arts, Calm Waters Coffee, Spice & Co., Mignoni Jewelry & Gifts, and the King George II Inn.

He also adeptly painted the portrait of Itri, Italy resident Michela Pezza, and copied and painted the ITRI logo on the brick wall behind their bar, as well as designed their striking storefront sign.

His mammoth Bristol Borough Raising the Bar [RTB] mural graces a business wall on Old Bristol Pike for visitors to see as they enter the town.

This French artist’s invitingly attractive 500 square-foot fluid and confident “Bristol Borough, Settled by the World’s People” mural creates a portrait of the immigrants who helped build this small town along the Delaware into a vibrant community, commanding a wall on the PKB Contractors’ firm building.

He used scaled images of families from Europe arriving at Ellis Island in the early 20th century, as well as pictures of people from other lands.

Murals of sorts date to Upper Paleolithic times with cave paintings and many of the earliest murals have been found within ancient Egyptian tombs. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the applied space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

Murals are important in that they bring art into the public sphere and Jean-Marc’s visual effects have a dramatic impact as they are an incredible enticement to attract more public attention.

Some are even completed to enhance windows.

Jean-Marc created the mural on the former Trainpops Attic, LLC on Mill Street. Those window mural panels included well known Bristol buildings and they are now stored in the BCHF building on Cedar Street. The mural on the space opposite King George II Inn on Radcliffe Street is also done on the windows and adds aesthetic improvement. This one he created along with his daughter, Alexa.

His indoor murals are powerful as well. He promotes his murals for both indoors or outdoors.

He works with his clients from schools or businesses and non-profits with his 5-step consultancy mural design process to determine client needs to skillfully provide his most notable large-scale artwork.

Students learn better when they can see, touch and visualize in a stimulating atmosphere, encouraging imaginative play and an awareness of art.

The Dubus literacy topic mural painting located on a corridor wall running alongside the Snyder-Girotti Elementary School library is called “Reading, Dreaming with Your Eyes Open”. 87 students involved in different grades had the opportunity to participate to some level through the benefit of a Title 4 grant.

Gifted/enrichment teacher, Lori Helkowski involved all of the students in kindergarten through sixth grade in brainstorming and selecting seven children’s books for the theme collection that could be represented in the mural with images meshed together into a pictorial story line. Details from each book were creatively represented, and sketches of known landmarks, the Grundy Commons Clock Tower and the Burlington-Bristol Bridge are even pictured within the background of the 260 sq. ft. mural.

“It was a good experience,” shared Jean-Marc. “It was an interesting project and everyone really worked together.”

His painting of Harriet Tubman [born Araminta Ross], an American abolitionist and political activist, also graces this elementary school’s walls.

In December 2019, a piece of his artwork was exhibited at the Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton, NJ, a serene and welcoming 42-acre landscape with a museum, sculpture garden, and an arboretum is a premier cultural destination. His piece, “Skyline of Trees” was one of 20 artworks selected by the juror, visual artist Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, Art Director, TCNJ Art Gallery and The Sarnoff Collection, to be shown in the Members’ Musings exhibition.

Jean-Marc is also a proficient book cover designer.

He was personally selected to skillfully design the montage cover gracing local author, William M. Pezza’s newest book, “Till the Boys Come Home”. This is the second Pezza cover for this artist. The first book is titled, “How Bristol Won”.

Jean-Marc has also fashioned covers for his sister, Nicole who is an author/editor.

Bill Pezza unquestionably recommends this French visual artist, computer software designer and architect. “Jean-Marc is a highly talented, gifted artist. What I really like about his works from a commercial standpoint, is that he is very accommodating. We’re very fortunate to have him.”

For the 2nd time, Jean-Marc’s works have been accepted for a most prestigious show in an area renowned for its art.

The Phillips’ Mill Art Shows have always been held in bucolic Bucks County at 2619 River Road [Route 32] in New Hope, but this year its 91st Art Show will be ONLINE September 26th through November 1, 2020. Phillips’ Mill’s first show premiered almost a century ago in the spring of 1929, with the juried shows for regional artists starting in 1945.

This online Art Show will be in place of the onsite show this year. 215.862.0582

The jurors, accomplished artists in their own right, often with an academic background, make selections from the many submissions by a very gifted pool of local artists.

With this online show, Jean-Marc’s talents will be showcased for art lovers everywhere and his work can be seen by a wide audience who otherwise may never set foot in an art gallery.

A sculpture painting and two of his portfolio paintings, ‘Yellow Bucks County Field’ and ‘Rocky Bucks County Landscape’ have been accepted and will be displayed from the 18th century historic structure.

*All art for sale online only!*

His newest endeavors also include creating murals to salute the essential front-line workers.

Essential workers should be celebrated for a lifetime and longer. An inspirational mural will remind everyone of their support in hard times and carry the message of these game-changers’ sacrifices to future generations; an impressive backdrop to pause and reflect upon in these unprecedented times.

“People are interested in having something to celebrate them now and for the future,” he confirmed.

“I wish to create something and explore new worlds that don’t necessarily exist but that are attractive to me.” He is also working on a series of oil paintings from Victorian-era mug shots, one of which will be shown in an exhibit in Brooklyn, NY. “There is a lifetime and history in their faces. It intrigues me!”

This ‘black & white’ themed national competition will be a partially physical exhibit with some online.

Process for him is quite obviously a lifetime of discovery.

Please contact freelance artist & muralist Jean-Marc with all commission inquiries and/or for artwork quotes. His works are both dramatic and long-lasting and he allows for engagement on any level.

His clients will be involved in the design and concept for murals, and then he creates the artwork.

Jean-Marc also accepts commissions for oil painting, murals, and public art, sketching, digital art, Photoshop, branding, and photography.


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