BRISTOL BOROUGH >> Over the next few months, Nick Nastasi will settle into his role as the new principal at Bristol Borough Junior-Senior High School, 1801 Wilson Avenue. “I am vested because I AM one of these kids in the community. I’m just a kid from the neighborhood,” he proudly shared.

“The district is very pleased to welcome Mr. Nastasi to the administrative team. His experience and knowledge of the community will be an asset to our students,” confirmed Dr. Rose Minniti, Ed.D, Superintendent of Schools.

Nick Nastasi was born and raised in Bristol Borough in the Wood and Dorrance Streets neighborhood to Nicholas Joseph and Ann Theresa Nastasi. His father was from Pittsburgh and his mother was from Bensalem. Nick shared that his late father was a tough, straightforward, “hard-nosed guy”.

Nick graduated from Bristol High in 1991 and his athletic endeavors included football, basketball, and skillfully throwing the shot put in track & field.

At the most recent BBSD Board meeting, David J. Chichilitti, President of the Board of Directors, explained, “Last July, we decided we needed a Principal for the High School.”

They were clearly in pursuit of the candidate who possessed the qualities that would best advance the students' education.

Nick Nastasi was selected for appointment as Principal from among the list of applicant finalists.

“He is a long time Bristolian, he teaches for the BCIU and he is well qualified. His heart is here in Bristol!”

Nick graduated from Indiana University of PA [IUP] with a K-12 Special Education teaching degree.

He continued to concentrate on Education, Heath & Human Services while earning his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership along with his Principal Certification at Holy Family University, and a Supervisor of Special Education certification from Arcadia.

Leadership is important. One needs to be the first to believe and the last to give up.

The selection of a good principal will enhance the education of the students more than any other single activity in which the school is involved. The principal chosen will also serve as the main promoter of the school for many years ahead, creating a caring community.

Keeping kids as the focus of every decision is the one trait that makes a stand-out principal.

Nick complimented Mrs. Kelli Rosato, the former District principal and the current Snyder- Girotti principal.

“She is an inspiration to people in this community!”

Kelli is also Bristol Borough born and raised and a 1993 graduate of BHS.

Nick Nastasi has most competently accepted the challenges of this educational leader position!

He is well prepared to lead by example and model for the students and his colleagues the intellectual and moral rigor that characterizes the very best of educators.

During the BBSD meeting, Nick whole heartedly thanked his family for their support. His wife, Kristin, his mother, Ann Theresa and his encouraging mother-in-law, Cathy were all proudly in attendance.

As a principal, you are the leader of the building.

“I am happy to join this outstanding administration team. I am looking forward to taking ownership of that building, the staff and those kids!”

Recently retired and the most respected reading specialist teacher and Federal Programs coordinator, Mrs. Mary Louise Gesualdi confirmed the wise selection. “Local boy makes good! He knows the community and the culture and the makeup of the student body which will make for a smooth transition. He is coming right from the classroom, so he can really relate to the teachers better. Nick knows the importance of instructional leadership and he is coming in with already built-on relationships,” Mary acknowledged.

Nick and his wife, Kristin, also hailing from Bristol Borough have a 6th grade son, Dominick who plays chess and participates in golf. More kudos from the intuitive Mrs. Gesualdi, a tireless student advocate, “Dominick is a very bright young man; a good student!”

The Bristol Borough School District empowers all students to achieve excellence and become leaders in a global society, through an education system immersed in the fabric of a unique and diverse community.

The crucial role of Principal is always a daunting challenge, mandating a significant time investment just getting to know the teaching faculty and support staff. It is not an easy profession. There are going to be rough days, and everyone is going to need help sometimes.

Being a good listener, being able to listen objectively with sincere eye contact, is an important trait for administrators to possess and Principals must be accessible to all stakeholders including teachers, staff members, parents, and especially students.

Most fortunately for BHS, Nick has already been teaching in the BBSD, at the Warren Snyder-John Girotti Elementary School, 420 Buckley Street. He had previously taught for almost 15 years at the Neshaminy School District Tawanka Learning Center in Feasterville. He also coached basketball and football in 2018.

Nick has had years of teaching experience with most age populations, putting everything that he learned about education and his subject matter into action. He understands needing to be prepared as much as possible, but, more importantly, he realizes the need to prepare to be flexible.

Successful principals keep students as their number one priority as student safety, health, and academic growth are the most fundamental duties.

Nick truly is enthusiastic about supporting the students in their educational journey, and he is passionate about assuring excellent education in BHS, that is a vibrant place of learning with rich Bristol Borough traditions, to prepare them for a vocation or to further their education. He is most eager to maintain and build upon the prominence and the prosperity that has been experienced in the past, creating and securing a culture of excellence.

Once a child is empowered with the knowledge of how to learn, along with a passion for learning, they can do anything. It is a privilege to witness the BBSD dedication to future generations.

BHS Principal Nastasi will be there to nurture, counsel, discipline, and educate each and every student. With his keen sense of observation, hard work and grit, he is committed to never lose sight of the fact that students ARE the focal point. They need leadership that demands respect. A strong leader is one who never loses sight of the main educational vision and goal, keeping a finger on the pulse of the school.

The bottom line is doing what is necessary to support students in their educational journey, making sure each has access to education, and that the teachers have the tools and training they need to expand their professional skills. A powerful leader positively challenges, encourages, and supports each and every one to be truly excellent at what they do. All need to know that they are known and appreciated!

Uncommon leadership inspires uncommon loyalty and can only lead to an extraordinary school.

Nick is prepared to roll up his sleeves and figure out a way to make successful academic things happen.

Truly confident educators dare to disturb the universe.

And what do they make?


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