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The world has drastically changed in a matter of weeks, and this change in tone in such a short period of time, has left many people confused. Healthcare officials across the globe have encouraged people to stay home. Staying at home may sound like an introvert’s dream, but it hasn’t been a smooth transition for the more social among us.

‘CO’ stands for corona, ‘VI’ for virus, and ‘D’ for disease. And '19' stands for 2019, the year it appeared on the scene.

On March 11, the World Health Organization designated “coronavirus disease 2019” [Covid-19] a global pandemic. Now a report, released by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, suggests that the United States should prepare for another 18 to 24 months of “significant COVID-19 activity”. Equally worrisome, experts have also stressed that “COVID-19 appears to spread more easily than flu”.

But one important fact to note however, is that hand washing with soap and water is still the best way to prevent transmission of the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This novel coronavirus is thought to transmit primarily through direct contact with respiratory droplets of an infected person [generated through coughing and sneezing], making person-to-person transmission most common. The COVID-19 virus may survive on surfaces for several hours, but simple disinfectants can kill it, so cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces is crucial.

Observing these guidelines can significantly reduce the spread of the virus.

Feeling quarantined at home? Navigating something like Covid-19 can cause stress and anxiety among even the most level-headed people.

Limiting interactions between one another gives the virus fewer chances to change hands.

As the coronavirus outbreak spreads in the U.S., people are staying at home as much as possible in hopes of reducing exposures and preventing respiratory illnesses. Some are avoiding even the essential errands like periodic trips to the grocery store, especially if the needed products are really tough to find and not readily in supply. It's simply not worth making a trip to be disappointed.

Shelves, usually filled with paper products, remain empty. Shortage has multiple causes, including disrupted global supply chains, and the very basic fact that shoppers have hit the stores en masse, leading to the widespread product scarcity. The reality is that stuff is flying off the shelf in an extremely efficient, tightly controlled supply chain. Hoarding is a major reason toilet paper is scarce.

Some items are clearly a “must have”, but there is no need to stockpile.

Since hand washing, for at least 20 seconds, is such an important line of defense, it’s worth making certain that one has an adequate supply of soap. Cleaning products are necessary as the coronavirus is effectively destroyed by almost any disinfectant household cleaner. Plenty of paper goods are required like paper towels, tissues, sanitation wipes, and toilet paper, as well as extra garbage bags in which to safely toss contaminated tissues and paper towels.

Fact, there are shortages of all sorts of odds and ends, and grocery stores are already struggling to keep up with demand. Well, the supply problem is solved right here in 19007!

ALL GO to ALGO Supply, L.L.C. located at 205 Mill Street since 2018.

With the onset of the crisis, more of their customers now just may be residential consumers.

Free Delivery on all orders over $75 in the Bristol, Levittown and Langhorne areas.

Print and cut coupon items are posted online:

“It’s very important to us to be a part of the community. We will van deliver smaller orders for senior citizens in the local area.”

The independently-owned ALGO Supply co-owners/sales executives, Levittown residents, Rickey D. Alston and Darryl McClamy are established local suppliers of current household needs, as well as cleaning supplies for schools and government agencies.

They are recipients of the “Pulse of the City Award," earned by companies combining both superior end product and services, along with excellence in customer service.

Their education, training and consulting business services play a key role, by including an instructional piece, imparting their factual knowledge gained to other contractors, and by providing training for industries through experience based practical application.

They are qualified entrepreneurial leaders in disaster, mold, and coronavirus control, as well as maid services. Rick is an Approved IICRC Instructor [Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification]. “Cleaning is a skill that requires a broad knowledge in a wide range of skills, including planning and organization, surface materials, cleaning techniques and health and safety for chemicals, equipment and site.”

Rick and his wife, Zomaira M., the ALGO VP of Operations, have 7 children. Their son, Gunnery Staff Sergeant Marcus is serving in the United States Marine Corps.

ALGO Supply is a big P&G distributor. Rick and Darryl stock a wide variety of tools and resources, and facility supplies, over 10,000 products, while they also provide fast delivery and great prices.

All the gear to get you through!

ALGO Supply is clearly one of the best sources for paper towels, toilet tissue, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment and new innovative technology, minimizing the need to make extra trips to multiple stores. Trusted brands like 3M, Rubbermaid, and Sealed Air are included in their stock.

Previously utilized as warehouse only, all are invited to come visit them at their “new” walk-in store!

It is open to the public and perfect for contractors who prefer to pick up their own supplies.

High level of responsiveness to their customers’ needs is what keeps the customers coming back.

Shop for disinfectants and sanitizers, safety and protective items including disposable face masks and deluxe respirators, and latex and nitrile gloves, hand sanitizing products, toilet paper, trash bags, napkins, hand wipes and soaps. Their supply of products includes bathroom cleaners, vacuum cleaners and scrubbers, carpet and floor care products, brooms, mops, dustpans and brushes, and a wide variety of dispensers, receptacles, and trash cans, and cleaning equipment.

Robust supply chains are resilient supply chains. ALGO stocks everything you might want and need for a healthier and cleaner environment!

Shop smart. Shop LOCAL. Support small LOCAL businesses.

Play your part now. Bond while banding together — albeit separately.

Practice and reinforce good prevention habits with your family; not with panic, but with prudence.

Help protect your health and the health of those you love.

ABOUT: ALGO Supply, L.L.C. is open Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is located at 205 Mill Street, Bristol Borough, PA 19007. INFO: Call 215.458.7175 or 866.980.2247. Email: WEBSITE:

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