YARDLEY BOROUGH >> fe-lic-i-ty: meaning #1 - intense happiness #2 - the ability to find appropriate expression for one’s thoughts.

“Felicity” is one of a collection of oil paintings by internationally recognized and award winning artist, Cindy Roesinger to be on display at the Touchstone Art Gallery, 11 East Afton Ave, Yardley, though September 2 with a reception on August 11 from 5 to 7 p.m. that coinsides with Yardley’s 2nd Saturday festivities.

This will be Cindy’s 10th solo exhibition, and will showcase paintings from over a span of five years. Working in oils, the paintings depict a variety of landscapes and still life’s, all with a local flavor while emphasizing a more organic aesthetic. Working alla prima, there is an energy and vibration created in her current work that emphasizes essential movement, form and color, while eliminating extraneous detail, leaving the viewer with the origin of the image, and the moment that inspired it’s creation.

Her professional career began as a photo editor in 1984. In 2005 she transitioned into oil painting and continues to work as a full time painter. Her work has been collected, published and featured in numerous books, magazines, galleries, private collections, and a major motion picture. She currently resides and works in Doylestown.

About Touchstone

Touchstone Art Gallery is the realization of a dream by Yardley artist Nancy Allen

“For more than 20 years, I’ve dreamed of a place that invites you in for coffee and the freedom to explore affordable local artwork that you can carry home that same day; where you come to share as much as learn, enter curious and leave excited with your new discovery.”

Since the age of 5, Allen has found her greatest inspiration in, as she puts it, “creating art from nothing.”

On a handcrafted, slate jeweler’s bench, designed by her father, she created jewelry from fine metals and precious and semi-precious stones. She spent summers as a craft counselor on the Chesapeake Bay, and it was there she realized that inspiring kids through art was her calling.

After pursuing an Art Education degree at Kutztown State College, Nancy taught art in the Pennsbury School District, leading her classes with inspiration for new art from her travels around the world.

Allen continued with her own original creations, producing colorful stained glass, kiln-fused glass as well as pencil illustrations and oil paintings that have been shown online and in galleries. It was a chance conversation on the way to one of her own exhibits that was the catalyst for the now very popular nonprofit, Artists of Yardley (AOY) organization.

Touchstone Art Gallery is the answer to expanding access to original art in Yardley. “I’ve always tried to find new ways to share art, not only my own but the art I love from our local artists, “ said Nancy. “Art makes people happy. I like contributing to that happiness.”

Touchstone Art Gallery is packed with artwork that exudes optimism, whimsy and a spirit of positive energy. The doors are open for the public to discover “the piece that catches your eye, that makes you smile or sparks a reminiscent moment that only art can deliver,” said Allen.

“Our lives change and challenge us every day. Art remains constant. Filling the gallery with art to create happiness in your life is our commitment to you. The coffee is on. I hope you’ll explore with us soon,” said Allen.

For more information, visit Touchstoneartgallery.com.

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