NEW HOPE BOROUGH >> The African American Museum of Bucks County, (AAMBC) will bring its exhibit, “Building on the Dream: From Africa to Bucks County” to another distinguished museum in Bucks County, The Parry Mansion Museum, located at 45 South Main Street in New Hope.

The new exhibit, scheduled to open on May 1, will enable more Bucks County residents and tourists to see the museum’s collection of artifacts from Africa and to learn about the culture, contributions of African Americans in Bucks County and beyond. The museum not only recognizes well known historical figures but seeks to bring to light untold stories and hidden figures in Bucks County today.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Parry Mansion Museum," said Linda Salley, President and Executive Director of the African American Museum of Bucks County. "Over the past six years, we have partnered with several museums, including the Mercer Museum and Pearl S. Buck International House, and have found these collaborations to be very successful in terms of extending our reach. New Hope is particularly attractive as it is such a popular foot-trafficked tourist location. Until our new building in Middletown Township is renovated and open to the public, we depend upon the generosity of our partners to house our exhibits.”

Salley will also be a featured guest speaker as part of the New Hope Historical Society’s April Online Speaker Series on April 26. To access the Zoom event, visit:

New Hope Historical Society Board President Frank Policare added, “This may be the most impactful educational exhibit that the New Hope Historical Society has provided. I am so pleased the African American Museum of Bucks County chose us to share this important exhibit.”

The Parry Mansion Museum is run by the New Hope Historical Society and was initially created for the preservation of historical buildings. Its mission is to inspire people to explore New Hope’s past, understand its present and envision a better future through education, preservation and conservation. Tours are $5/children are free. Museum hours are available at New Hope Historical society.

The African American Museum of Bucks County honors the legacy of the African American Experience, inspiring pride in heritage, educating the public and our school children about the diverse and difficult journey of African Americans, and sharing stories that depict our shared ancestry, thus enriching the lives of Bucks County families. For more information on the museum and its upcoming virtual and in-person programs, or to learn about our membership and volunteer opportunities. please visit:

The Museum welcomes donations of any amount to support our programs and new building fund. The AAMBC is a 501c3 organization and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. For more information contact: 215-752-1909 or Email:

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