NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP >> Factory Donuts, which has built a reputation in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia for its freshly made treat, has opened its doors in the Village of Newtown Shopping Center.

A step inside the area’s newest donut shop is like no other, filled with delicious aromas and the sights and sounds of a donut factory.

After ordering one of 23 signature donuts or creating their own flavor combination, customers can watch as their donuts are first transported down a conveyor belt, then dipped by hand in warm icing and glaze and finally finished off with their favorite toppings.

This is definitely a place where mouth-watering donuts are best enjoyed while still warm, says store owner Jamie Valeriano of Newtown.

“We don’t let any of our donuts sit for more than 20 minutes. They are served hot so you get that fresh, dessert, homemade taste,” said Valeriano.

A homemade cake-like donut serves as the base for every creation. “There’s a heavy weight to it, almost like mom baked it in the oven,” says Valeriano. “They come out hot and to me it tastes like funnel cake.”

Among the Factory’s biggest sellers are its wildly popular Maple Bacon Explosion, French Toast and Banana Foster, which happens to be among Valeriano’s favorites, with its combination of banana icing, caramel and glaze drizzle.

Other signature donuts include Mint Chocolate Chip, which Valeriano describes as “very minty;” the Chocolate Factory, which is covered in chocolate icing and covered with rainbow or chocolate sprinkles; the Coconut Craze with coconut icing and chocolate drizzle; and Lemon Meringue with lemon icing, powered sugar and glaze drizzle.

Customers can also choose from a build-your-own-donut option. Just choose a base, icing, toppings, and drizzle and they’ll make it to order.

“There’s nothing like this around,” says Valeriano, a police officer turned donut-maker.

After working for the past eight years in law enforcement, Valeriano said she was looking for a new profession that would give her more time for family and her 15 year old son and 11 year old daughter.

“Being a police officer I had no life and very long hours,” she said. “I wanted to get out of police work, step back and have a little more of a life.”

Having grown up in the restaurant industry - her parents operated a pizza parlor - she started looking for a business opportunity. She soon found one in Factory Donuts.

“We tried the product and we liked it,” she said, after having spent time at the Mayfair store with her husband. “And it was simple and easy. So we dove in.”

So what would she say to encourage people to stop by?

“It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s happy and it’s fun,” said Valeriano. “This is a place that is going to make you happy.”

Factory Donuts was founded by Newtown residents David and Heather Restituto who developed and operated several successful franchises in the Philadelphia market before opening their donut store in Mayfair.

According to the Factory Donuts website, Heather’s passion for cooking and baking for family and friends led her to start making homemade desserts. Among her most complimented were her fresh, hot, homemade donuts.

“Each and every time we made these donuts for our family and friends the reaction was always the same. ‘WOW, these are delicious, when can we come over again for more donuts?’”

They decided it was time to take their skills they had developed from operating successful franchises and create their own concept from inside their home to the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.

They opened Factory Donuts at 7114 Frankford Avenue in the Mayfair section of the city and began making ‘always hot, always fresh and made to order’ donuts.”

The new Factory Donuts is located in the Village of Newtown between SaladWorks and Hand and Stone Massage and Facial Spa.

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