NEWTOWN >> Driving around his Newtown Township neighborhood, Scott Coren couldn’t help but notice all the empty trash bins scattered all over the streets.

“The bins were out all over the place. At every single house the bins were just laying there,” said Coren.

The unsightly mess spurred Coren to found a new local company which he calls “CAN-IT,” a trash bin valet service that will return your empty trash bins back to your house in a timely manner.

“Empty trash bins lying in the street or at the end of driveways is not only an eyesore to neighborhoods, but can be a hazard as well,” said Coren, noting that they can become an obstacle course for cars, for kids riding their bikes and for pedestrians out for a stroll or walking the dog.

In addition, Coren said the empty trash bins left for days in the streets or yards can send an unintended signal to would-be criminals that no one’s at home.

“Knowing that most trash companies just empty the bins and leave them in the street for residents to drag in, I thought why not provide a service that can take care of this issue,” said Coren,

Coren said for about $5 a week CAN-IT Trash Bin Valet service will come directly to your house and return all your empty trash bins back to where they belong … on your property.

“The bins, once emptied, are returned to your garage, top of your driveway, by the side of your house or anywhere you would like them placed. CAN-IT does all the dragging,” said Coren.

Not only is this an issue where Coren lives in Bucks County, but when speaking to his friend, Brian Rotter, who lives in South Philadelphia, he learned that empty bins are also out of control in the city.

“There are trash bins all over the streets in the city, and not only during the day but some can be left out all weekend,” said CAN-IT co-founder Rotter.

The service is designed to make life easier for anyone who deals with the issue on a daily basis.

Coren said the elderly are finding CAN-IT especially helpful. “People who are elderly or handicapped have trouble bringing their bins in and out every day. It’s a benefit to them,” he said.

Bad weather is another reason to consider CAN-IT,” he said. “In windy and bad weather they could be flying all over the place,” Coren said of the bins. “If someone’s coming home at 8 at night and it’s windy, cold and nasty out the last thing they want to do is drag their bins up their driveway. We’ll be the ones out there chasing them down.”

Coren said if you’re tired of coming home at the end of the day and dragging your empty trash bins back to your house. “Now you don’t have to worry about leaving your bins out all day, CAN-IT Trash Bin Valet Service will return your empty trash bins back to your house for you,” he said.

CAN-IT offers one, two or three year plans ranging from $359 to $799 and there is no limit on the number of bins that can be returned to a home.

“Whether you have one bin or ten bins, we are here to provide a much needed service,” said Coren. “We know that especially elderly people can have a tough time dragging in their empty bins and also know that leaving bins out all day or all week sends a message that you are not home, which could create a security issue. “ said Coren.

Coren, who was furloughed from his medical sales job this past spring due to the pandemic, started the new service with Rotter about a month ago and has recruited his children to help out.

“It’s just us right now doing it, but as it grows we’re going to hire people - kids in high school and home from college in the summer,” said Coren. “I’d like to start something with kids with ADD to get them outside. If they can get a job and be outside in their neighborhood, that’s one thing we’re hoping to do.”

Right now the service is concentrated mostly in and around the Newtown area, although he has several customers in Warminster, too.

“We’re pretty much concentrated in Yardley, Newtown, Washington Crossing, Richboro and Holland right now and my friend who lives in Philly is doing it down in the city,” he said.

“We’ll see what happens, but little by little we’re starting to grow and we’re getting the word out there,” said Coren.

For more information about CAN-IT Trash Bin Valet Service, call Scott Coren at (267) 269-2553 or email For additional information, visit

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