LONG ISLAND, NY – Sixteen year old Isabella Zuzulo from Newtown has made her mark on the Regional fencing stage with her recent success in two major tournaments, which attract top fencers from many states.

Zuzulo recently captured a gold medal in the Cadet Women’s Foil event at the Mission Regional Junior Cadet Circuit 2016 (Region 3) on Long Island. At this B2C3 event, she competed against 64 top level fencers. She demonstrated her agility and fast thinking to remain undefeated in the initial pool bouts, which seeded her at number one, before the directed elimination bouts.

In the Junior Women’s Foil event at the same tournament, Zuzulo was again undefeated in the initial pool bouts. She was again seeded at number one, but went on to be defeated by Sophia Mandour from Baltimore, and taking the bronze medal. Her outstanding fencing won her the bronze medal and earned her the coveted A2016 rating.

Zuzulo is a senior at Council Rock High School North in Newtown and trains at the V Fencing Club in Livingston under the tutelage of former Ukrainian international fencing champion, Serge Vashkevich.

Coach Vashkevich says, “I am really happy to see that Isabella is starting to develop confidence in a higher level of fencing that she is developing in her training. I am focusing on more tournament strategy and footwork, and she is benefiting from the practice that she is getting with the national and international fencers that she is training with.”

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