What Mother Nature tried to disrupt with this rain-soaked fall season, the Neshaminy girls soccer team has righted. Though faced with a rash of postponed games that needed completion, the ‘Skins showed amazing fortitude.

Kristin Curley, stellar midfielder for the ‘Skins, maintained a sound perspective about the all-too-frequent cancellations. “It hasn’t really affected the team that much. It did for a while when we’d have days without practice. We do have a lot of games in a short span of time. We’re doing alright with that. We’re just a little tired but doing well.”

The girls have reason to be a little leg weary. They have to play eight games in the last twelve days of the regular season. The final three are crucial contests that could determine the outcome of the Suburban One League National division.

Kristin credits the upper classmen’s attitude for helping them to weather this storm. “I think this year our senior leadership is awesome. They’ll be some practices when we’re completely out of it and those seniors will pick us up and remind us of last year and tell us we want to do as well as last year.”

The biggest boost came when the team faced back-to-back crucial contests against Pennsbury and Council Rock North. Going into the Pennsbury match-up the Falcons lead the league with a 7-0 record. Neshaminy followed with a 5-2 record. Their only blemishes were two heartbreaking 1-0 losses to Bensalem.

For Kristin this first encounter with Pennsbury loomed big in the ‘Skins season. “Our Pennsbury game on Monday (10/8/18) was key. We had a game on Friday that we lost (to CB South) so our game Monday was a big one. We came out on fire for that game. Everyone played for each other and worked hard. That was the turning point this year. We won that game 1-0.”

Neshaminy had little time to savor their defeat of the league leaders. The very next day they had to play Council Rock North. Kristin knew the ‘Skins would have to muster all their stamina to challenge the third place Indians. “That game was super important because if we didn’t come out with a win it would have cancelled out all the work we’d put in on Monday against Pennsbury. Our legs were super tired because we’d just played the night before.”

Though exhausted, Neshaminy knew a win was essential to keeping hopes alive for a league title. “We knew it didn’t have to be pretty. It didn’t have to be amazing. We just had to win that game.

Kristin realized the Indians would certainly prove a most worthy opponent. “We knew that North would come out on fire because they’re such a hard-working team. We knew we had to match their energy. It was a pretty physical game. We knew they were going to be physical going in so we had to match that to insure we did well.”

The big moment for Neshaminy came midway through the first half when Kristin converted a crossing pass into the only goal of the game. “It didn’t have to be pretty. Someone crossed the ball in and it was just bouncing around in the box for what seemed like an eternity. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and literally toe poked it in.”

The 1-0 victory brought a sigh of euphoric relief from the entire ‘Skins team. “Oh, my goodness, it was so awesome. Everyone was so tired and so happy. It was a lot of fun.”

The “fun” was just one of the good times Kristin feels is a mark of the Neshaminy team. “This team is so much fun to be a part of because we’ve all been super close for so long. Everyone gets along really well. There is no drama. Everyone supports each other on and off the field.”

The ‘Skins hope the pleasure continues right through the playoffs. “Like last year we just hope to make as far a run as possible. We didn’t really say we wanted to go back to states but obviously we do.”

As they showed in their consecutive wins over Pennsbury and Council Rock, Neshaminy appears prepped for a strong close to the 2018 campaign.

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