Headline on Front Page. The Advance of Bucks County, Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018: “Superintendent Won’t Seek a New Contract in 2019."

This is Dr. William Gretzula, Superintendent of the Pennsbury School system, approximately 11,000 students, over 19 school buildings. Dr. Gretzula’s contract runs through June 30, 2019.

This is horrific. What is going on here? Who on our nine member elected Board of Education is responsible for this? More likely, we should name the entire nine member board, and start replacing them all though our regular election process. Three board members are up for re-election every election cycle.

This is big time serious. Pennsbury School District is one of the top school systems in the state; and is such through the hard work of our dedicated students (approximately 11,000 students), their families, dedicated teachers, and school administrators, support staff, including school bus drivers, maintenance workers, and hundreds and hundreds of additional professionals.

I invite all readers go into the very fine website accessed through Google Search for the Pennsbury School District, and go the section entitled School Board. Listed are the following Elected School Board members: Gary Sanderson, President; Debra Wachspress, Vice President; Alison Smith, Assistant Secretary; Kim Hilty; T.R. Kannan; John Palmer; Jacqueline Redner; Christian Schwartz; Joshua Waldorf.

I will note some comments verbatim from the three local organizations reporting on this terrible event without attributing a specific comment to a specific board member name or name of the paper. My purpose is to show deliberate Board Member influence, and involvement that should have been the duty of the Superintendent of Schools Dr. William Gretzula.

Board members are accused of interfering in central administration, making management decisions severely challenging and interfering with Dr. Gretzula’s ability to lead. And there’s much more. I mean you can’t make this stuff up.

In the absence of specific charges, I suggest, we as Pennsbury citizenry just start in and elect all new members of our Board of Ed. Turn over everyone. We can start on election day, November 6th.

Bruce Lloyd, Lower Makefield

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