Letter to the Editor

I attended the August 14th Newtown Borough Council meeting due to a concern over a possible medical marijuana clinic being placed on State Street in Newtown Borough’s town center. I am in favor of the use of cannabis for medical purposes, including opioid addiction, and I am not the type of person to say “not in my backyard.”

That being said, I do have a safety concern and strongly feel that a town center is not the proper location for such a dispensary. People will be entering this establishment with large amounts of cash and will be leaving with marijuana. Since medical marijuana is now used for opioid addiction, some of the customers using this facility will be vulnerable and could turn around and sell their marijuana.

I feel that such a dispensary should be in a business park under high security where loitering could be controlled and suspicious activity more easily identified.

The reason patrons have to use cash to purchase medical marijuana and your doctor cannot write a prescription for cannabis to your local pharmacy is because the Federal Government refuses to legalize marijuana for any type of use.

As a temporary measure, the state legislature should amend the medical marijuana legislation by requiring the Pennsylvania Department of Health to place its dispensaries in State Stores and not with private vendors. Meanwhile our Federal representatives can propose legislation that will make cannabis legal for medical use so it can be prescribed and sold like any other drug.

Michael Grothman, Newtown Borough

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