Letter to the Editor

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer expressed her concern that Scott Wallace, the Democratic candidate for the First Congressional District of Pa. could not possibly understand the needs of the poor or middle class because he has inherited wealth.

Firstly, I disagree with her supposition. For example, Franklin Roosevelt, a very wealthy man indeed, probably did more than any president in history to help the poor and needy through his policies in his “New Deal,” some of which were instituted and carried out by Wallace’s grandfather.

Regardless, let us remember that elections are about choices and to make a proper choice in this current election, we should compare the ACTIONS of the two main candidates:

Scott Wallace:

1. While working for the Senate Judiciary Committee, among other things he worked on the following bills:

- Adoption of the “Missing Children’s Act”

- Compensation for Vietnam Vets exposed to Agent Orange

- Created a bill for college debt forgiveness for those students willing to work in low paying public service jobs.

2. Additionally, he and his wife run the charitable organization founded by his family that is devoted to social justice, human rights and empowering women around the globe.

Brian Fitzpatrick:

While a member of Congress he has voted for legislation that would to do the following:

1. Gut state usury laws on payday loans.

2. Opposed an amendment that would have protected the social security safety net from budget cuts.

3. Voted for various bills that make it easier to relax bank standards particularly for the “too big to fail banks,” those banks - and policies that helped cause the great recession in 2008.

4. Most importantly, voted for the Trump tax cut plan that provides very handsome benefits to the very wealthy and very little if at all to the poor or middle class.

Because actions speak louder than words, the comparison is stark!

Wallace throughout his lifetime has worked hard to advance the cause of the common man, be they poor or middle class.

Fitzpatrick, who often speaks of his independence, has voted almost always to help those who are very wealthy and has done little, if anything, to help the poor and middle class.

Thus for those of us in the electorate who are not wealthy, I believe the choice in November should be clear: WALLACE!

Peg Dissinger is a resident of Newtown

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