MORRISVILLE BOROUGH >>  Attorney Corryn L. Kronnagel, Esq. has announced her candidacy for Magisterial District Judge in District 07-1-11, which covers Lower Makefield, Yardley Borough and Morrisville Borough.

Following the unexpected death of the Hon. Michael Burns in 2017, senior Magisterial District Judge Ken Deatelhauser has been filling in until a successor is elected this year.

Kronnagel, a member of the Morrisville Borough Council, is a lifelong Lower Bucks County resident, a Democratic committeewoman and a member of the bar in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“I believe that my background as an attorney with extensive litigation experience, coupled with time spent as an elected official in Morrisville Borough, has given me the knowledge and skills to ensure fairness and integrity as the next Magistrate,” said Kronnagel.

“This is the perfect fit for me,” she continued. “I live three blocks from the district court. I have extensive courtroom experience. I’m very community-minded. I have the education and legal background.

“As an attorney I’m used to dealing with people who are stressed out so I feel I’m pretty good at handling that situation,” said Kronnagel.

“It’s also integral that the judge has an understanding of both the rules of evidence and the rules of court and speaks the language of the court and speaks the language of attorneys,” said Kronnagel.

“As a judge I wouldn’t advocate for any side. What I would advocate for would be justice. What I would advocate for is that the rules of the court are being followed. And you have to know that language. You have to be able to speak and understand a lawyer’s language.”

Kronnagel said she also likes the idea of being in a position to help turn someone’s life around when they’re at their lowest.

“I’d like to be that face of the justice system that says, ‘Hey look. You made a mistake. You messed up. You’re going to pay, but we’re going to help you get the help you need if you want it.’

“Sometimes people just make that one mistake and they need a jolt to get their life back on track,” she said. “That to me right there is what the whole job is - to be able to help people when they’re at their lowest; to get them the help that they need.”

Kronnagel said she’d also use the position to reach out to the children and youth in the district through education.

As a lawyer, Kronnagel has been actively involved in the mock trial program at Holy Trinity School where students learn what it’s like to argue a case before a judge. And she’d like to expand that experience to other schools.

Kronnagel and husband have been married for 12 years and are raising their eight-year-old daughter just down the street from the house where her grandmother was born in 1919.

She graduated from Conwell-Egan Catholic High School in 1998, and worked her way through college and law school, earning her Juris Doctor Law Degree from Widener University Law School in 2011.

Following an internship in the Post Conviction Relief Act/Animal Cruelty Unit with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, she began her legal career as an associate attorney in creditors rights with the law firm of Allan C. Smith, P.C. Bristol.

She went on to work as an associate attorney in business litigation with Maselli Warren, P.C. in Princeton, N.J., and as an associate attorney in general practice with the law offices of Stephen Steinberg, P.C. in Clark, N.J., where she focused on personal injury, wills and estates, worker’s compensation, landlord/tenant and contractual disputes.

Since 2017, Kronnagel has worked as an associate attorney in business with Wong Fleming in Princeton, N.J., where she concentrates on liability litigation, banking litigation, landlord/tenant and employment.

“My law practice has always focused on litigation,” said Kronnagel. “I have tried cases in various counties throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey on both the plaintiff’s side and the defense.”

Kronnagel is admitted to the Federal Courts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the Court of Federal Claims and the United States Supreme Court.

She’s also in her second term as a Morrisville Borough Councilwoman after winning election in 2014 and re-election in 2018. And she serves as a Democratic Committeeperson in the borough’s First Ward.

“I know, firsthand, the pressures faced by an elected official and do not allow those pressures to intimidate or impact the decisions I feel to be for the best,” said Kronnagel.

“Our District Courts serve an integral role in the Commonwealth’s justice system,” she said. “Although it is not a requirement that the judges in Magisterial District Courts possess a license to practice law, the ideal candidate definitely should, as their daily decisions directly impact lives.

“This great responsibility must come with the knowledge of the language of the Courts to fairly and swiftly serve justice,” said Kronnagel.

Kronnagel said it’s also worth noting that of the more than 500 Magisterial District Judges in the Commonwealth, less than 25 percent are women.

“We need real diversity on our courts, at every level,” she said.

Kronnagel is endorsed by the Morrisville Democratic Club.

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