Life Saving Award

In front, from left, are Officer Patrick Cahill, Officer Robert Kennedy and Officer David Stout, holding their Life Saving Awards. They are pictured with Acting Sergeant Larry Hilghman, in front, right, and in back, from left, Corporal Brian Holder, Officer Gerry Scherf and Officer Kevin Leimbach.

LOWER MAKEFIELD >> A team of township police officers who came to the aid of a resident in cardiac arrest have been honored with the department's Life Saving Award.

On Feb. 25, officers responded to a cardiac arrest emergency in the 2100 block of South Crescent Blvd. Upon arrival, Officers Robert Kennedy and Patrick Cahill located the patient laying on a couch, unresponsive. They conducted an assessment of the patient as well as his surroundings and concluded the man was in cardiac arrest.

After moving him to the floor, Officer Cahill began chest compressions while Officer Kennedy prepared the AED (automated external defibrillator) for use. Once applied, the AED analyzed the patient's vitals and ordered a shock. Both officers continued with chest compressions and monitoring the patient’s status.

Officer David Stout arrived at the scene and retrieved the Lucas Chest Compression machine from the ambulance. He began rescue breathing for the patient with a bag valve mask.

Advanced care was transitioned to the paramedics while all officers assisted. Before the patient was transported to the hospital, his pulse and breathing were restored.

"The quick assessment of this critical, life threatening incident and the immediate action by providing life saving CPR was directly responsible in reversing cardiac arrest and preserving human life," said Chief Ken Coluzzi, who presented the awards. "Their teamwork and dedication exemplifies a commitment to our citizens and their professionalism as Lower Makefield Township Police Officers."

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