Justine McEachern

Justine McEachern

FALLSINGTON >> The Pennsbury School Board on Sept. 19 appointed Justine McEachern as an assistant principal at Pennsbury High School. McEachern will also serve as the Supervisor of School Counseling for Grades K-12 in this position.

For the past year, McEachern served in an administrative intern capacity handling similar duties at Pennsbury High School. Prior to that she was the lead counselor, also at PHS, since 2016.

As an Assistant Principal, McEachern will report to PHS Co-Principals Lisa Becker and Reggie Meadows. She will be responsible for assisting with the general administration of the high school campus. Duties include staff evaluation, supervision, and development, the evaluation and administration of the instructional and educational programs, scheduling, office management, organizing of student activities, student discipline, and other responsibilities as assigned.

The interview process involved meeting with a variety of Pennsbury stakeholders.

“We are excited to be working with Ms. McEachern, who has done an outstanding job supporting students and families as a counselor for the past five years in the Pennsbury community,” said Dr. Gretzula. “Ms. McEachern presented a compassion for her students and a comprehensive vision for the entire counseling department. Her goals include fully developing our program to support high school students’ college and career planning, enhancing internal and external communication with students and their families, and advancing our social and emotional learning curriculum. Ms. McEachern will also work with administrators and school counselors to support them in meeting the needs of all students."

Prior to joining the school counseling department at Pennsbury High School in 2014, McEachern was a counselor for grades 7-12 at the Avon Grove Charter School from 2010-14.

McEachern holds a Master’s degree in Education and School Counseling certification from Widener University, principal’s certification from Holy Family University, and is about to complete a master’s degree in educational leadership, also from Holy Family University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies from Bloomsburg University.

McEachern expressed her thanks for the opportunity.

"I first want to thank my team at the high school who has really guided me over this past year significantly in learning what role I’m stepping into," she said. "And I’m so excited to continue to work with them."

McEachern also thanked her husband and her parents for being “a huge support to me and our daughter, who is two.

"I’m very excited to start to work with the team at the high school as well as school counselors across our the district and under the leadership of Beth Aldridge," she continued. "I’m very excited to move the school counseling department in a positive direction.

"School counseling is a great passion of mine," said McEachern. "I truly believe that in order for a student to receive their best education, the whole child needs to be understood. My hope is that while acting in this role I can move Pennsbury School District in the direction that our students graduate with a high school diploma that not only represents a wonderful academic experience, but an experience where they learn to set goals, explore careered and have as many opportunities as possible to prepare for their future.”

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