FALLS TOWNSHIP >> Ryan Bittner-Walsh, 24, has been charged by Falls Township Police with drug delivery resulting in death and possession with intent to deliver.

On Feb. 24, 2017 Detective J. Vella responded to the report of a deceased subject. Upon arrival, Det. Vella found Ricardo Fernandez deceased in a bedroom. Det. Vella observed white paper baggies, which later tested positive for fentanyl, heroin. The cause of death was listed as combined drug intoxication.

Through investigation, Det. Vella spoke with multiple witnesses. One of the witnesses stated that they had known Bittner-Walsh and purchased heroin from him on numerous occasions.

On February 23, the witness met Bittner-Walsh at the Franklin Mills Mall and purchased heroin. While at the mall, the witness watched the Bittner-Walsh sell Fernandez the same heroin. The witness also told the detective that the defendant admitted to selling Fernandez the heroin that killed him.

Det. Vella interviewed another witness who also had purchased heroin from Bittner-Walsh on numerous occasions. The witness elaborated that the defendant had stated there was fentanyl in the white baggies. The defendant also told the witness he learned of Fernandez's death through social media and said it was his heroin that killed Fernandez.

On April 25, 2017, Bensalem Township Detectives responded to a residence where they found Morgan Bazik deceased in his bedroom. Detectives located baggies, which later tested positive for fentanyl. The cause of death was listed as fentanyl intoxication and the manner of death listed as accidental.

Detectives later discovered another witness who had overdosed the day prior to Bazik. Detectives interviewed the witness who told them that they met with Bittner-Walsh on April 23 and Bittner-Walsh was with Bazik.

Bensalem Detectives spoke with another witness regarding the overdose of Bazik. The witness purchased and used heroin with Bazik. The witness told detectives that in the early morning hours of April 24 the witness and Bazik agreed to purchase heroin from Bittner-Walsh. The defendant told detectives this bag was stronger than the bag purchased the day before and was sick from it.

After a thorough investigation by Falls Township Police, Bensalem Police and the Grand Jury, police charged Bittner-Walsh with Drug Delivery Resulting In Death.

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