YARDLEY BOROUGH >> Yardley Borough Recreation Board presented three checks - a gift of $1,000 to the Friends of Lake Afton to assist them in repairing an eroding shoreline, $1,000 to the Friends of the Delaware Canal toward the repair of the pedestrian Mary Yardley Bridge and a gift of $500 to the Yardley Historical Association to support maintenance of the Old Library.

The donated funds were raised from the June 2018 Yardley 5K from its record 325 registered runners, as well as generous support from Yardley businesses and nearly two dozen individual donors.

The Friends of Lake Afton will be using the funds to improve the water quality by designing and installing an erosion control project. The Friends of the Delaware Canal are working to repair the pedestrian Mary Yardley Bridge that allows many Borough residents access to the canal path. And the Yardley Historical Association will use the funds to provide maintenance to the Old Library to keep it safe and available for public use.

“The Recreation Board applauds the diligent work of the Friends of Lake Afton in maintaining one of Yardley’s signature recreational and historic scenic assets and applauds the Yardley Historical Association in their varied programs and activities for the public as well as the Friends of the Delaware Canal for their essential support and long-term efforts to preserve the historic character of the canal and support its recreational use. All three organizations are key to enhancing the lives of Yardley residents.”

Mark your new calendar – the 2019 Yardley 5K is set for Sunday, June 2 with registration available on Yardley5k.com. Interested in training with others to run the 5k- join the “Walk 2 Run” group starting on Tuesday, April 9 at 6 p.m. in Buttonwood Park for the first of 8 free weekly sessions. Join the “Yardley Borough Rec Board” group on the “Meetup” app to keep up-to-date on extra training sessions and weather announcements for Walk 2 Run. Meetup App - Yardley Rec Board Walk 2 Run

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