WARMINSTER >> On Oct. 2 at 5:12 p.m. Officer Parell  was conducting a traffic detail at Tenth Avenue and York Road when he was approached by an man in need of help.

Officer Parell exited his vehicle and the man fell to his knees holding his right arm saying that he was injured. The male’s arm and lower torso were saturated with blood.

Officer Parell immediately notified the Bucks County Radio Room to dispatch an ambulance as he began an assessment of the man.

Through his assessment he found the man was in need of lifesaving medical care due to the severity of the injury. The male was sweating profusely and his color was faded due to blood loss.

Officer Parell advised the man he would be applying a tourniquet to control the bleeding. After applying the tourniquet he advised Bucks County Radio of the tourniquet placement and continued to provide the man with information as to his medical actions and how those actions would assist him.

Officer Parell also gathered cloth and gauze to pack and keep pressure on the injured site. As the ambulance arrived the man was losing consciousness. Officer Parell assisted the medical personnel in getting the man prepared for transport. The squad then transported the man to Abington Hospital.

On October 3, Officer Parell spoke to the man to check on his medical status. The man expressed his gratitude to Officer Parell and for all of the help he gave him for his injury.

On its CrimeWatch page, the Warminster Police Department said, "Officer Parell’s professional demeanor and dedication to duty is a credit not only to himself, but to the entire Warminster Township Police Department. His actions have demonstrated that he is truly an asset to the department and the entire community."

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