WARMINSTER TOWNSHIP >> Warminster Police Officer Ryan Bunda is being hailed a hero for his life-saving actions on July 10.

Officer Bunda was on patrol around 9:33 a.m. in the area of County Line Road and Newtown Road when he observed a white Ford F-250 traveling west on County Line Rd. The officer observed the passenger of the vehicle waving his arms trying to get the officer's attention, while the operator of the truck appeared to be in convulsions.

In an attempt to stop the truck as it traveled at a slow speed and in traffic, Officer Bunda exited his vehicle and ran towards the truck. Upon reaching the truck Officer Buna could see the operator in active seizure.

Ofc. Bunda opened the driver side door while the truck headed towards eastbound traffic and managed to apply the brakes with his left hand bringing the Ford to a complete stop with the assistance of a passing Huntington Valley firefighter.

Once the truck was stopped Officer Bunda and the firefighter carried the operator to a safe area, where they called for medical assistance and rendered aid.

"Officer Bunda’s rapid and decisive actions were both heroic and lifesaving. Great job Officer Bunda and thank you for your service," read a CrimeWatch release on the incident posted by the department.

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