Kelly A. Drucker and Lawrence Weinstein

DOYLESTOWN >> A Northampton Township couple who plotted to incapacitate a woman with grain alcohol and then photograph her in various states of undress using spyglasses and a webcam have admitted to numerous criminal offenses.

Lawrence Jay Weinstein, 45, and Kelly A. Drucker, 46, pleaded guilty on Oct. 21 to a number of felony and misdemeanor counts stemming from the scheme carried out in November 2017.

Weinstein, a former township supervisor, pleaded guilty to possessing devices to intercept communications, criminal use of a communication facility, false imprisonment, invasion of privacy and recklessly endangering another person. He also entered a plea of no contest to invading the privacy of a victim unrelated to the 2017 offenses.

Drucker admitted to a similar list of charges as well as a count of conspiracy.

Judge Brian T. McGuffin accepted the pleas and ordered sentencing deferred for 60 days.

Text messages reproduced in a criminal complaint filed last year by Bucks County Detectives highlighted the broader scheme to lure the couple’s victim to a restaurant and later to Drucker’s home, and provided investigators with a moment-to-moment account of Nov. 10, 2017, the night the defendants carried out their plan.

Drucker and Weinstein’s planning began as early as Oct. 31, 2017, the texts show, and involved the planting and subsequent adjustment of a camera in Drucker’s bathroom as well as the singling out of a victim.

The night of the incident, Drucker and the victim had dinner at a Mexican restaurant near her home before retiring to Drucker’s residence for drinks. The complaint says Weinstein kept tabs on the evening through near-constant text messages with Drucker through which he gave instructions to spike the victim’s drinks with the high-alcohol beverage Everclear.

Later, the texts show, he instructed Drucker on how to proceed once the alcohol’s effects on the victim became apparent, including ultimately removing the woman’s clothes and capturing nude images. Weinstein went to Drucker’s house once the victim was unconscious. According to the criminal complaint, he told Bucks County Detectives he went to Drucker’s home to help assist the victim.

When interviewed by detectives, the victim reported having no memory of the evening after dinner, recalling only that her wine had a funny taste and that she was “so sick” the next day.

As part of their investigation, detectives discovered photographs taken by Weinstein in 2012 of a nude, sleeping woman. The woman said she did not consent to the photographs being taken.

The case was investigated by Bucks County Detectives and is being prosecuted by Chief Deputy District Attorney Jennifer M. Schorn.

SOURCE: Bucks County District Attorney's Office

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