NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP >> The Newtown Township Police Department, which initially attained accreditation status in 2013, has for the second time attained re-accreditation.

Out of Pennsylvania's 1,117 law enforcement agencies, Newtown Township is one of just 117 agencies which has attained accreditation.

The program requires that an accredited agency undergo the re-accreditation process every three years. Newtown’s re-assessment took place in May of this year.

The department received high praise for its policies, procedures, overall leadership and teamwork, and the phrase, “best of the best,” was mentioned by the assessment team.

After the assessment reports were presented to the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Commission for their review the commission unanimously approved the recommendation that Newtown Township Police Department retain their accreditation status.

On August 22, Newtown Township Police Department received a visit from members of the Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Commission, including Chairman James Adams and Coordinator Richard Hammond, who presented Chief John L. Hearn with the department’s certificate.

In accepting the re-accreditation, Chief Hearn said he is proud of the entire police department and everyone’s positive participation in the process. He also gave a special acknowledgement to Sergeant Robert Lupinetti for his strong work ethic as Accreditation Manager.

Some of the benefits of an accredited police department are:

• Establishes a credible framework for evaluating agency practices and procedures

• Reduces agency risk and exposure to lawsuits

• Increases employee input, interaction and confidence in the agency

• Improves law enforcement and community relations

• Extends agency accountability to the public and elected officials

• Encourages problem-solving activities within the agency

• Furnishes a solid foundation for the agency to build upon for further progress.

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