NORTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP >> Northampton Township Police are attempting to identify a person, captured by video surveillance, prowling at the front door of a residence in the new Creekside Estates development in Richboro.

Police said on Saturday, August 24 at 1:40 a.m., an unknown man approached the front door of the residence activating the security surveillance system.

According to police, the man is seen peering into the front door windowpanes. He then looks directly into the video doorbell camera and then walks away from the residence.

The residents were at home at the time of this incident.

The nighttime video uses an IR illuminator to capture clear video at nighttime. The IR illuminator washes out colors and changes the appearance of the skin pigment of the person captured.

The man appears to be African American or Hispanic, wearing an “iLL” Phillies tee-shirt, a sun visor and has a hair pick inserted into his hair, partially underneath the visor.

If you know the person, please notify Northampton Township Police at 215-322-6111.

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