Dr. Robert Fraser, Superintendent, Council Rock School District

NEWTOWN >> Dr. Robert Fraser, the superintendent of the Council Rock School District, is among only 30 superintendents across the nation to be recognized for successfully completing the National Superintendent Certification Program (NSCP).

Launched in 2013 by The School Superintendents Association, the certification process is an 18-month commitment tailored to superintendents who have been in the job five years or less. The forums, seminars and coaching provide opportunities to define and examine issues that surface in real-life situations. The issues include: providing world-class instructional leadership; building and managing a district budget; mastering effective communication and political skills; using 21st century technology effectively in instruction and management; managing superintendent/school board relations; and designing a career path for oneself.

“I completed the AASA National Superintendent Certification Program because I am dedicated to lifelong professional learning,” said Dr. Fraser. “The intensive certification process recognizes the multi-faceted role of today’s superintendency and now places me in the company of other highly motivated educational leaders who strive to deliver world-class leadership in today’s ever-changing 21st-century landscape. The Council Rock School District Board of School Directors consistently supports high-quality learning opportunities. I would like to thank them for their strong commitment to top-tier educational experiences at every level in Council Rock.”

In speaking on behalf of his board colleagues, Council Rock School Board President, Jerold Grupp, added, “The board congratulates Dr. Fraser on this great professional accomplishment. Dr. Fraser has brought to Council Rock the concept of PLCs (Professional Learning Communities). The AASA certification process is a notable example of a high-performing PLC with a successful and far-reaching outcome. Dr. Fraser’s AASA certification provided him the opportunity to interact with peers at both a state and national level. This supports the Board and Dr. Fraser’s setting the bar high for collaborative learning opportunities for both Council Rock professional staff and support personnel, for the benefit of our students.”

The AASA National Superintendent Certification Program is a collaborative effort with AASA state affiliates, the National School Boards Association, and business and corporate leaders. The master teachers and guest instructors have all been sitting superintendents and have demonstrable track records of success.

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