Rob Loughery and Gene DiGirolamo

DOYLESTOWN >> State Representatives Meghan Schroeder (R-29), Frank Farry (R-142), Todd Polinchock (R-144), Craig Staats (R-145) and Wendi Thomas (R-178) have announced their endorsement of Rob Loughery and Gene DiGirolamo for Bucks County Commissioner. 

Under Rob Loughery’s leadership as chairman of the Bucks County Board of Commissioners, Bucks County has reduced its workforce by nearly 10 percent, made strategic investments in technology to improve efficiencies for county employees, increased appropriations for county infrastructure, secured two Aaa bond ratings, and sustained greater than 95 percent funding of county pension obligations.

A lifelong resident of Bensalem, State Rep. Gene DiGirolamo began his public service career in 1990 when he was elected as Bensalem Township’s auditor. He is now serving his 13th term in the State House. During the past 24 years in Harrisburg, DiGirolamo has been a vocal advocate for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and funding, individuals with special needs, and the improvement of student athletics statewide.

Here is what the GOP lawmakers are saying about their endorsement of Loughery and DiGirolamo for Bucks County Commissioner:

Meghan Schroeder >> Human Services make up a significant portion of the county’s budget, and it is critical that we elect County Commissioners who understand the importance of these programs and have the ability to effectively manage them. During his time as Commissioner, Rob Loughery has ensured that our community’s priorities are being met, while maintaining a strong, balanced budget. I have also personally seen the commitment to quality human services that drives Gene DiGirolamo each and every day in Harrisburg. Gene will bring an important perspective and wealth of experience in helping to manage our county’s human services. We are lucky to have a great team running this year, and I look forward to working with them.

Frank Farry >> Our first responders play an important role in our community, and they rely on partners in government to effectively serve the people of Bucks County. As Chair of the Fire and Emergency Services Caucus in the PA House, I have had the opportunity to work with Gene DiGirolamo on issues important to fire and emergency services personnel here in Pennsylvania. He has been a key ally in Harrisburg, and I know he will continue to do so as County Commissioner. Serving as a volunteer firefighter in my hometown of Langhorne for 30 years, I have personally seen Rob Loughery’s commitment to supporting our County’s firefighters and first responders. As a legislator and a first responder, I could not ask for a better team than Rob and Gene for County Commissioner.

Todd Polinchock >> We are working every day to combat the opioid epidemic that has hit our state, our county and our communities. Effectively dealing with this situation in its entirety – from law enforcement to addiction treatment – requires a partnership and a commitment to solutions at all levels of government. Rob Loughery, with his support of a new Drug Strike Force in the District Attorney’s office and a lawsuit against manufacturers of opioids, is working to tackle this issue at the source. Gene DiGirolamo has played a key role in this fight as well, authoring the bill that created the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Rob and Gene are the team we need to keep up the fight and lead our community through this challenge.

Craig Staats >> As a businessman, I understand firsthand the importance of balancing a budget, managing your workforce, and making smart investments in future growth. Bucks County government requires strong, fiscally responsible leadership, and we have been fortunate to have exactly that under Rob Loughery’s tenure as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners. Implementing fiscal policies that have led to two Aaa bond ratings, a nearly fully funded pension fund, and investments in workforce training and business development, Rob has helped place Bucks County on solid fiscal footing. Like the rest of us, Gene DiGirolamo is accustomed to making the tough choices required to balance budgets without losing sight of our priorities. I have no doubt that this is the team our County needs in 2019 and beyond.

Wendi Thomas >> Protecting our environment is central to my role as State Representative, and the County Commissioners are an important partner in that effort. Rob Loughery has championed open space preservation throughout his time as Commissioner, and Gene DiGirolamo was the first Republican member of the PA House to earn a 100 percent on the Pennsylvania Environmental Scorecard. I am asking you to join me in support of their campaign because, like me, they understand the importance of preserving our county’s natural resources.

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