BRISTOL BOROUGH >> The allure of small-town life for most folks is that it’s a little slower-paced, a little less crowded, and a LOT more friendly. Simple, old fashioned things are still the best.

There’s no better way to spend a warm day than strolling through 19007.

And best of all for the small historic Bristol on the Delaware, it’s that time again. Summer means genuinely cherished good times; memorable small town celebrations and traditional carnivals … all of which are something magical!

The St. Ann and St. Mark Carnival time is right around the corner with lots to see and do... and awesome eats. The lines are never too long and the parking won’t be a really big hassle. There is ample parking at the end of Dorrance Street on Canal Street, and all routes are wheelchair accessible.

There will be kiddie, family and thrill amusement rides, BINGO [win CASH prizes- hey Bingo is serious business!], delicious fair food, basket auctions, carnival games, MEGA 50/50 raffles and a myriad of games of chance, music and more, and of course, plenty of mouth-watering, tantalizing Italian cooking is always going on.

Bristol Borough is a small town with BIG events that make the community so special.

Bristol Borough Council President Ralph DiGuiseppe personally thanks St. Mark Pastor, the Rev. Father Dennis M. Mooney for all his dedicated support and the hard work that he puts into the carnival preparation. Ralph once again has benevolently organized the carnival with his core group of friends and the parishioners on whom he relies, who all work together side by side.

The volunteer work crews who labor together strengthen their exemplary resolve to provide good, clean family entertainment for the town that truly appreciates the carnival.

While the signs around the Borough are advertising the event as the St. Ann Carnival, the event is sanctioned under St. Mark’s Church. “Father Mooney generously made a commitment to keep St. Ann Church open. My involvement is just a small part that I can play,” shares Ralph.

Free admission, though the food and amusement Ride Wristbands need to be purchased.

This is the 22nd Annual family- oriented St. Ann and St. Mark Carnival and this year, the rides will all be new, bringing a fresh injection of energy. Focus, as always, is quality first!

Slow down the pace some. There are express lanes at grocery stores, hurry-up offenses in football, and on-the-go daily lifestyles that find everyone going their separate ways, so come to the fair and reacquaint with old friends and make some new ones. You’ll love this Carnival. It will remind you of days gone by with its good ole’ red, white and blue all American, quirkiest small town fun. Just another one of the times when Bristol Borough showcases its magnificent self!

Signs, signs … everywhere a sign. So don’t miss out.

St. Ann and St. Mark Carnival will be held in the parking lot and alley of the St. Ann Worship Site at Pond and 357 Dorrance Streets on Tuesday August 21st through Sunday, August 26th in picturesque, historic Bristol on the Delaware. This authentic old-fashioned five-night [6 to 10 p.m.] small town carnival festival culminates with a “matinee special” on Sunday [1:00PM- 6:00PM] with a Ride Wristband purchase for only $10. Ride Wristbands are sold nightly for $16 Tuesday through Friday. Save $2 on Saturday evening’s “Bristol Night” special and purchase a Ride Wristband for $14.

Bristol Borough is spicing up their time-honored fair [archaic: faire or fayre], with a new carnival company. The ultra professional family owned and operated “Inners Amusement Company”, dba “Majestic Midways” started in the amusement ride games business on a very small scale in 1915, participating in mostly just area picnics.

Majestic Midways now owns over 35 clean and excellent amusement equipment rides and they have established the reputation of having the cleanest most up to date operations in the Eastern US. Their accrued mix of amusement rides and attractions are geared for all ages.

They celebrated their 105th year anniversary in 2014.

What would St. Ann and St. Mark Carnival be without its own distinct flavor of sweet treats and fair food? Food plays a huge part of every festival. Come for the food. Stay for the fun!

Everyone enjoys the sights, sounds and smells of the fair — but mostly the smells.

The aroma of freshly fried dough entices all to what is apparently the classic favorite treat here-the Pizza Fritta, a Neapolitan street food that enjoys an almost cult-like reverence amongst the locals. It can be a meal or a great tasting snack when it is loaded with sauce and cheese, or doused with powdered sugar. No, it is certainly not a diet dish, but it is one of the finest addictions of all Italian treats, another memorable experience!

“We make and sell between 500-700 Pizza Frittas a night!”

So, craving more fair food? If you’ve ever been to a fair, you know the incomparable smell of savory sausage, peppers, and onions sizzling on the grill. You’ll want to relive those great smells and tastes of the myriad of food options!

Entertain your taste buds. Just try walking by the outrageously delicious hearty meatballs packed with flavor and smothered in robust sauce with melted freshly grated parmigiano cheese. Good luck with that!

All are just made and delicious from Donnie Petolillo’s Cesare’s Italian Specialties Ristorante.

Or perhaps the chewy and sweet, raw, and toothsome, tender ice cold clams on a ½ shell will tempt you. Or opt to snack on some hot dogs, french fries, pizza or other tasty fried treats.

Fair food here is as good as it gets!

There is always room for dessert [or have it first!]. Satisfy that sweet tooth and try something sweet, tart, creamy or crunchy. Although all the ice-cream treats are so tempting, iconic toasted waffles and ice- cream win the perfection award on a warm summer evening. Stop by the homemade baked goods table and indulge in some of the tasty, most delectable bake sale items ever, including cakes, buns, bread, and perhaps even the ubiquitous cupcakes.

P.S. Glucose – or sugar if you will – stimulates the relaxation reflex.

Stop. Slow down. Enjoy the camaraderie.

Think fun and relaxation. Those are two things that everyone can use more of in their busy lives.

The St. Ann and St. Mark Carnival has become a favorite annual destination for families young and old, creating fond memories and unforgettable experiences, providing wholesome, affordable, family-oriented fun for everyone entertainment.

If you can’t find something of interest, you simply aren’t trying hard enough.

It is an incredibly fun way to bring people to town and then have them stop and venture down to see the beautiful waterfront, one of the many treasures historic Bristol has to share.

The fair begins Tuesday, August 21st and continues through Sunday afternoon, August 26th from 6:00PM -10:00PM each evening and 1:00PM- 6:00PM on Sunday.

Remember… It’s a great family event for a good cause. This longtime carnival tradition brings the right blend of fundraising and family fun to the entire Catholic community of Bristol Borough of St. Ann and St. Mark Parish.

For any additional information, call St. Mark Parish Office 215.788.2319, or Anna Larrisey at the Borough Tax Office during business hours 215.788.1600.

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