NEWTOWN >> All aboard! The Newtown Presby Players are heading home for the holidays, but there are delays and obstacles ahead.

The local thespians present Debbie Macomber’s “A Gift to Remember” as a dessert theater at the Newtown Presbyterian Church, 25 North Chancellor Street, Newtown, on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 16 and 17 at 7:30 p.m. and on Sunday, Nov. 18 at 1:30 p.m.

According to Mike McCollum of Feasterville, who directs the cast of 15, the family-oriented “dramady” tells the story about a diverse group of people that want nothing more than to travel home and celebrate Christmas with their loved ones.

“They are trying to fly from Bangor, Maine to Boston where they can get connecting flights on Christmas Eve so they can be home with their families and their loved ones on Christmas,” said McCollum. “The Bangor Airport is snowed in so they are all put on a train to take them to Boston.”

When the show opens, its December 24 and the crowded train is taking the group of holiday travelers home for Christmas. But because of the snowstorm, the diverse group of strangers are forced to spend Christmas Eve stranded together in a small New Hampshire Railroad Station.

The travelers include a recently widowed woman who wishes to spend the holidays with her daughter; a sailor who wants to get home to Rawhide, Texas to put a diamond ring of his girlfriend’s finger; a young couple who just had a baby and are traveling to Georgia so the baby can meet the grandparents; a salesman on a business trip who wants to return and patch things up with his wife; as well as several additional passengers each with their own reasons for wanting to be home with family and friends for the holidays.

As complete strangers, forced together by circumstances beyond their control in a crowded isolated building, they try to make the best of a depressing and frustrating situation at the most wonderful time of the year.

McCollum said the play is about hope as well as the human spirit and about how, under less than desirable conditions, a group of complete strangers can at least try to make the best of a bad situation through understanding, caring and humor.

Will they be successful in finding and sharing the spirit of Christmas? Will any of them make it home in time to be with their loved ones on Christmas day? The show will answer those questions and a whole lot more as the story unfolds on the church stage.

“It’s kind of a nice, feel good story about people, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in a very unhappy, difficult situation, but through time and their interaction with others, it becomes a ‘Gift to Remember.’”

The cast includes: Christine Kemper (Joanie Keehn of Newtown), Cathy Norris (Cheryl Myers of Yardley), Matt McHugh (Douglas Eberhart of Yardley), Elise Jones (Cherry Oakley of Trenton), Kate Jones (Nyla Flamer of Trenton), Len Dawber (Kevin Ball of Newtown), Nick Berry (Matt Wood of Newtown), Kelley Berry (Cate Hafner of Newtown), Sam Larsen (Robbie Robinson of Warminster, Louise Larsen (Nyla Houser of Yardley), Pam (Clare Fannon of Newtown, Amy (Lisa Woolcott of Holland), Madeline (Marci Risch of Newtown), Dean Owen (Mike Rutkowski of Yardley), Horace (Mike McCollum of Feasterville) and Andy Warren of Langhorne as the Elf.

Tickets to the dessert theatre are $15 each and can be ordered by calling Sandy at 215-493-2861.

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