NEWTOWN >> Friends Home and Village in the heart of Newtown was buzzing with special holiday activity on Tuesday, December 18.

This year’s Holiday Supper for residents was made extra special thanks to the support of Council Rock students, staff and PTO members.

With Council Rock’s year-long, districtwide theme being intergenerational connections, it made perfect sense to partner with Friends Home and Village to make their annual holiday dinner a memorable one.

Newtown Middle School got in the spirit early when its PTO organized a robust collection drive for personalized gift boxes that would get wrapped, tagged with resident names, and hand delivered by the one and only Santa. Since Santa was obviously busy getting ready for December 25, he asked Newtown Middle School’s Principal, Tim Long, to stand in for him for the night.

As a special thank you, residents with a history of serving the nation, received medallions from Santa’s helper, Mr. Long.

The evening also featured a special dinner with Newtown Middle School students assisting with service of holiday punch and cookies.

Council Rock South High School student volunteers joined the activity by clearing the dining room after dinner so that residents and staff could enjoy a special holiday performance. The Council Rock South students even went as far as to set up the dining room for the following morning’s breakfast seating.

While they were busy giving staff a very welcome helping hand, Newtown Middle School singers, under the guidance of their choral instructor, Mark Dolan, performed a series of beautiful holiday tunes that saw residents singing along in the most festive of ways.

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