Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee

During the bone chilling winter days, happy hour with warm coffee drinks is a novel approach to seasonal entertaining.

First, this is the time to use a high-quality coffee. The taste of the coffee should be present among the liqueur and liquor, so the rich flavor of a quality coffee will help that effort. Many experts suggest that a French press is the best way to achieve the coffee best for a hot cocktail.

Around the city of Philadelphia there a few “pop-up” cocktail bars. None of them have hot coffee cocktails, but the have hot cocktails. I plan to change that for next year. These coffee cocktail would be a huge hit. Our national obsession with coffee alone, is momouth. Add coffee to happy hour; no doubt there!

During my childhood, when the extended family gathered for big, Italian dinners, my uncles would pour a cup of coffee, then add a shot of Sambuca. That was the extent of hot coffee drinks, back in the day. When talking with friends before writing this article, the plethora of ideas flowed! The liqueur used adds the element of sweetness, otherwise I use a sucralose variety to sweeten my hot cocktail. You may prefer sugar, but whatever you choose, try not to over do it because it affects the taste dramatically. The variety of liqueurs available is staggering and could be inspirational in creating your own hot coffee cocktail.

Hot coffee cocktails will surely take off the edge during our long winter nights. Brew it up, and enjoy.

Italian Coffee

1 ounce Strega liqueur

5 ounces coffee (hot black)

Garnish: whipped cream and nutmeg

Pour the Strega into an Irish coffee glass.(clear)

Fill with hot coffee.

Top with whipped cream

Garnish with grated nutmeg


Mexican-Inspired Tequila Coffee

6 fluid ounces hot brewed coffee

1 fluid ounce coffee liqueur, like Kahlua

1½ fluid ounces tequila

1 teaspoon brown sugar

1-ounce whipped cream

1 teaspoon cocoa powder

2 chocolate-covered coffee beans (optional)

Combine the coffee, Kahlua, tequila, and sugar in a mug or Irish coffee glass. Top with whipped cream, then garnish with a dusting of cocoa powder and the chocolate-covered coffee beans.


Bavarian Coffee

1/2-ounce Peppermint Schnapps

1/2-ounce Kahlua Coffee Liqueur

5 ounces Fresh Brewed Coffee

1 teaspoon Sugar

1-1/2-ounce Whipped Cream

Grated Chocolate

Pour liqueurs and sugar in bottom of a heat resistant coffee mug. Add fresh brewed coffee. Top with whipped cream. Add grated chocolate to the top.


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